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  • For the young builders out there, true stories of the construction of the iconic landmarks of the world in the 6 part STEM series, Building on a Dream.
  • Read about the joy, sadness, and ultimate triumph of life in the Negro Leagues in Swinging for the Fences, a 4 part series.
  • Celebrate 100 years of National Parks with the new 5 part series Walk on the Wild Side: The National Parks.
  • Young readers enter the world of art by meeting the great masters at work in Brush With Greatness, the whimsical and beautiful new 5 volume series.
  • Discover the kinds of animals that live on each continent in the delightful 7 part picture book series for young readers A Continent of Creatures.
  • There are new Beacon Biographies featuring pioneering inventor Elon Musk, the real life heroine of The Sound of Music who escaped the Nazis, Maria von Trapp, young stars of the Star Wars galaxy Daisy Ridley and John Boyega, plus Ellen DeGeneres and Cam Newton.

    News And Reviews


    We are delighted that the South Asia Book Award (SABA) jury has selected Faith in Friendship: My Friend Is Hindu as a Highly Commended Book for the 2016 SABA Award for Children's and Young Adult Literature.


    “Clearly written narratives and informative graphics... shed light on the complex challenges of their design and construction... facts that will hold readers' attention... Readers will marvel at these 'dreams' that became reality. Highly recommended.”

    —School Library Journal on the Building On A Dream series


    “With the reader’s attention firmly in hand... how the tower was constructed, from foundation to flagpole. Numerous photos and archival images illustrate the pages, and the use of quotations gives the text a more personal feel... the chronology of Eiffel’s life and source notes make nice additions. An enlightening look at this famous landmark.”

    —Booklist on The Eiffel Tower: Building On A Dream


    “...appealing to a wide range of readers... The illustrations are consistently strong, including intriguing photos of several figures as young children as well as more recent shots. Back matter is also excellent. ...Good research materials for intermediate readers looking for a little more depth than a more strictly hi-lo title.”

    —School Library Journal on Beacon Biographies


    “Each title begins with a true, gripping narrative concerning a pivotal event...and goes on to describe various aspects of slavery: how it started in America, why it proliferated in the South more than in the North, what daily life was like for slaves, and the role of abolitionists... readers can follow in their footsteps—a great opportunity for further learning.”

    —School Library Journal on Footsteps to Freedom: The Underground Railroad series


    “These titles examine the Underground Railroad in depth... how the Underground Railroad worked, people who were intimately involved in the Underground Railroad, and Reconstruction... useful for initial research or for further information than what is included in textbooks.”

    —School Library Connection on Footsteps To Freedom: The Underground Railroad series


    “In this concise, approachable story, Khadija Ejaz opens up a world of cultural awareness that’s both curiosity-driven and easy to absorb. Photos, familiar concepts and themes, and charming characters root the educational bits in modern reality, so children can better connect with and understand the religion and lifestyle explored." 

    —Foreword Reviews on Faith in Friendship: My Friend Is Hindu


    “...Fascinating and informative...written in a narrative style... abounds with colorful photographs...This book is well-researched. Middle grade and junior high students will find themselves thoroughly absorbed.  Recommended.”

    —Library Media Connection on We Were Here First: The Apache of the Southwest


    “Elementary school social studies classes should cheer for this accessible introduction to Islam...Tactful discussions of the hijab, prayers, holidays, and other traditions offer the opportunity to stress the importance of tolerating other cultures, while empathizing with people who are different. This timely story entertains as it educates, as the girls enjoy the process of discovery.”

    —Foreword Reviews on Faith In Friendship: My Friend Is Muslim


    “This title is an easy read-aloud about the different behaviors exhibited by horses, using vivid photos. Unlike other animal books which contain facts, the text here focuses on horses’ ways of conveying their feelings. The horses communicate with young readers in first person...children will now understand why their ears go down, why they snort or kick their hind legs...Recommended.”

    —Library Media Connection on What Are They Saying? Horses


    “...Grab your aprons and bring your appetites because this series of books will make your mouth water... the series would be a great addition to a cultural geography unit."  Recommended.”

    —Library Media Connection on Now You’re Cooking


    “...filled with vivid images...offers extensive information about the events that led to the final draft of the easy-to-understand has a strong appeal to its young audience.  Recommended.”

    —Library Media Connection on Forged On Freedom: The Constitution


    “...Colorful illustrations, photos, and past and present maps enhance the understanding of the history...good research material...They are a wonderful resource for this age group. Recommended.”

    —Library Media Connection on Man Versus Mountain: Mount Everest and Mount Olympus